2. Company Profile

Company Profile


Producing Original Products for the 21st Century Food Marketwith Technology and Know-how

Since our establishment in 1933, we have been able to contribute to the food culture with the help of our customers. Products and including canned Yakitori (Barbecued chicken), retort pouch and beverages also, We are expanding in line with the current trend Through our search for the “heart of taste”, we hope to evolve from a canned foods manufacturer to a general foods manufacturer that develops new products that are fitting to the times. We hope that you will continue to support HOTEI foods, the company that brings fresh ideas into your food life. President and CEO Tatsuya Yamamoto

Emblem and Philosophy




  • 一、経営は予定でなく結果である
  • 一、目標は創意と熱意と人の和で達成せよ
  • 一、言葉は不用 数字で示せ実績を
  • 一、高付加価値の生産に徹しあくなき利益の追求を計れ
  • 一、常に競争のなかに繁栄があり繁栄のなかに利潤がある
創業者 山本良作(像)Founder:Ryosaku Yamamoto(Statue)Founder:Ryosaku Yamamoto(Statue)

Company Emblem & Corporate Message

Company Emblem

The outer circle represents a can while the inner circle represents conformity,reflecting HOTEI FOODS’ harmonious relations between management and labor and their willingness to assist each other.The emblem is the same when turned upside down,signifying a company that is stable and is not affected by changing economic conditions.

Corporate Message

Outline and Sales Transition

Founded April 15, 1933
Establishment September 20, 1947
Capital in Paid 97.5 million yen
Sales amount 22.3 billion yen
Executive Managers
  • Tatsuya Yamamoto, President and CEO
  • Shinichi Yamamoto, Vice President
  • Takashi Ashikawa, Managing Director
  • Shinichi Katayama, Director
  • Yasuhisa Honme, Standing Statutory Auditor
Employees 394 people
Business contents The production and sales of canned and retort-packed food. OEM production of can drink and PET bottle drink.
Head Office
4-26-6 Kambara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-3203, Japan TEL: 054-385-3131 FAX: 054-388-2081
Tokyo Branch Office
4F MT Bldg., 3-13-6 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to 110-0015, Japan TEL: 03-3837-0241 FAX: 03-3837-0246
Osaka Branch Office
3F takara Bldg., 8-7 toyotsu-cho, suita-shi, Osaka-fu 564-0051, Japan TEL(06)6955-8111 FAX: 06-6380-0238
Sendai Sales Office
103, Anniversary31, 1-20-42 Izumizaki ,Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 982-0031, Japan TEL: 022-244-6683 FAX: 022-244-6685
Kita-kanto Sales Office
1F sekiguchi Bldg, 415-4, kamikotorimachi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken 370-0078, Japan TEL:027-370-4515 FAX: 027-364-2635
Shizuoka Sales Office
4-10-5 Shinei, Kanbara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-3203, Japan TEL: 054-389-1888 FAX: 054-385-7388
Nagoya Sales Office
1F Global Bldg., 3-5 Hongo, Meito-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 465-0024, Japan TEL: 052-776-9944 FAX: 052-776-9945
Hiroshima Sales Office
101, Hashida Bldg., 1-25-8 Yamamoto, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken 731-0137, Japan TEL: 082-874-7610 FAX: 082-874-8335
Shikoku Sales Office
101, Ishikawa Bldg., 1314-4 Fuseishi-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa-ken 761-8071, Japan TEL: 087-866-9962 FAX: 087-865-4034
Fukuoka Sales Office
The Brook House 1F-3, 11-3-2 Miyake, Minami-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken 811-1344, Japan TEL: 092-289-1882 FAX: 092-289-1883

Company History

April,1933 Started manufacturing canned tuna and mandarin orange under the name of SANKYO SHOKAI.
August,1942 Merged with Shizuoka Prefectural Canning Co., Ltd. and became its operating plant.
February,1946 Established YAMAMOTO SHOUTEN flourmill, producing tsukudani, bottled water,and ran a wholesale food store.
September,1947 Reorganized to YAMAMOTO FOOD INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. and the wholesale department separated as YAMAMOTO SHOUTEN Co., Ltd.
March,1953 Established KESENNUMA FOOD Co., Ltd.
November,1958 Established YUI TOKUSAN CANNING Co., Ltd.
April,1963 Established TAKARA SHOKUHIN Co.,Ltd.
June,1966 Established HOTEI TRANSPORTATION Co., Ltd.
November,1967 Constructed Fujikawa Plant.
January,1968 Merged KESENNUMA FOOD Co., Ltd., YUl TOKUSAN CANNING Co., Ltd., and TAKARA FOOD Co.,Ltd. and changed the company’s name to HOTEI CANNING Co., Ltd.
December,1970 New sale for Canned barbecued chicken(Yakitori)
November,1979 Constructed Horikawa Distribution Center.
October,1983 Established HOTEI ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.
April,1984 Separated Kesennuma Plant as KESENNUMA HOTEI Co., Ltd.
April,1985 Completion Fujikawa Drink plant.(Canned drinks)
February,1988 Established SIAM HOTEI Co., Ltd. THAILAND.
December,1988 Completed the new head office building.
November,1990 Established NINGBO HAIJING FOODSTUFF Co., Ltd. CHINA.(Canned mandarin orange)
October,1993 Changed the company’s name to HOTEI FOODS CORPORATION LIMITED.
January,1995 New sale for Aloe Vera.
May,1995 Inaugurated Fujikawa Bottling Plant.(Plastic bottled drinks)
November,1995 Bought out PRANBRI FRUIT INDUSTRY(1994)Co., Ltd. THAILAND.(Canned pineapple)
February,1997 Changed name from THAI PRANBURI FRUIT INDUSTRY (1994) to PRANBURI HOTEI Corp.
February,1999 Completed Fujikawa Bottling Factory No.2 Plant
October,2002 Kambara plant acquired the approval for HACCP.
October,2006 Fujikawa Bottling plant and Fujikawa Drink plant(the first plant) acquired the approval for HACCP.
June,2007 Section related to beverage production acqired the approval ISO9001
October,2007 Liquid diet Plant begin production
May,2009 Section related to Fujikawa Plant acqired the approval ISO14001
June,2009 Liquid diet plants acquired the approval for ISO9001
February,2012 Completed Fujikawa Factory Drink Plant(pet bottle) The 3rd Line
June,2012 Fujikawa Factory Food Plant acquired the approval for ISO9001.
June,2013 Kambara, Fujikawa, and the Yui factory acquire the approval for FSSC22000.
September,2016 SD plant begin production.
December,2016 SD plant acquire the approval for FSSC22000.
April,2017 Opened “HOTEI FOODS direct sales shop”
May,2017 SD plant acquired the approval for ISO14001
July,2017 Closured Yui factory
November,2017 Relocated Yakitori Line to Fujikawa Factory (Food Plant)


Factories in Japan

Fujikawa Factory(Food Plant)

2500 Minamimatsuno, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-3303, Japan TEL:0545-85-2321 FAX:0545-85-3778 Manufactured items/ canned food, retort pouch food (including OEM products) May 2009 ISO14001 acquisition June 2013 FSSC22000 acquisition
  • Fujikawa FactoryFujikawa Factory
  • Yakitori canned Production LineYakitori canned Production Line

Fujikawa Factory(Drink Plant)

2500 Minamimatsuno, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-3303, Japan 【Pet Line】 TEL:0545-85-1803 FAX:0545-85-1813 Manufactured items/ OEM Plastic bottled drinks May 2009 ISO14001 acquisition(1・2 line) June 2013 FSSC22000 acquisition 【Can Line】 TEL:0545-85-2070 FAX:0545-85-1436 Manufactured items/ OEM Canned drinks October 2006 HACCP acquisition May 2009 ISO14001 acquisition June 2013 FSSC22000 acquisition
  • Fujikawa Factory(Drink Plant
  • Plastic Bottled Drinks Production LinePlastic Bottled Drinks Production Line

Fujikawa Factory(Liquid diet Plant)

2500 Minamimatsuno, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-3303, Japan TEL:0545-85-2333 FAX:0545-56-1085 Manufactured items/OEM Liquid diet May 2009 ISO14001 acquisition June 2013 FSSC22000 acquisition
  • Fujikawa Factory(Liquid diet Plant)
  • Liquid diet Plant LineLiquid diet Plant Line

Fujikawa Factory(Spray Dry Plant)

2500 Minamimatsuno, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-3303, Japan TEL:0545-87-2838 FAX:0545-87-2794 Manufactured items/OEM Glanulation Dec 2016 FSSC22000 acquisition
  • Spray Dry Plant LineSpray Dry Plant Line

HOTEI Group outside Japan

In 1988, HOTEI FOODS became the first Shizuoka prefecture-based canned foods manufacturer to venture overseas. The first location was Thailand where SIAM HOTEI COMPANY LIMITED was established. In 1995, PRANBURI HOTEI COMPANY LIMITED was established. In March 2000, PRANBURI HOTEI COMPANY LIMITED was certified ISO9001 and acquired HACCP certification in June 2002 , HALAL certification in August 2014. The company aims to place emphasis on quality control and further strengthen its global production system.
  • ISO9001 attestation (March 2000)ISO9001 attestation (March 2000)
  • HACCP attestation (Jane 2002)HACCP attestation (Jane 2002)
  • HALAL attestation (August 2014)HALAL attestation (August 2014)
HOTEI Group outside Japan
  • Pranburi Hotei officePranburi Hotei office
  • Pineapple plantPineapple plant
  • Production lineProduction line
  • Pineapple juice concentrate facilityPineapple juice concentrate facility
  • Aseptic juice facilityAseptic juice facility
  • Entrance areaEntrance area

Quality Control

Each worker in the factory produces the items under the mottos ” Deliver great taste and great impression” and ” Clean and honest company”. Each product focus in the customer’s perspective paying attention to quality control standards and a heightened awareness for hyginene. To ensure the safety of our products, checkpoints have been set up throughout the processing of raw materials, manufacturing/processing and delivery, and each criterion is strictly adhered to. Our inspection system guarantees the safety of our products with our fully equipped inspection room and the introduction of x-ray foreign matter detector.
  • Quality Inspection DivisionQuality Inspection Division
  • X-ray foreign matter detectorX-ray foreign matter detector


We have established our own control production process and inspection. This point is further highlighted through our adoption of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and FSSC22000 (Food safety system) to emphasize on production safety as well as customer satisfaction.

The HACCP certification acquisition

  • ・24/10/2002…Kambara Factory[Food processing (heating/sterilization) & PackingCanned Foods/Retort Foods]
  • ・10/04/2008…Fujikawa Bottling Factory Plant Pet Bottle Line(1・2 Line)[Soft drinks : Other soft drink(sterilization-a dense stopper-the seal)]
  • ・10/04/2008…Fujikawa Bottling Factory Plant Canned Drink Line[Soft Drinks Other : soft drink( a dense stopper-the seal-sterilization)]
What is HACCP ? (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
At first, HACCP was developed to secure the safety of space foods in USA in 1960’s.
HACCP is a systematic preventive approarch to food safety that addresses physical, chemical and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finished product inspection. HACCP is used in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards, so that key actions, known as critical control point can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk of the hazards being realized. The system is used all stages of food production and preparation processes.
This method has gained international recognition and that it is recommended by CODEX committee that all countries should adapt to this practice. CODEX is a combined medium of the world health organization(WHO) and the united nations food agriculture organization (FAO).
One of the major advantages to HACCP is that the process helps to identify probable contami-nation points whthin the production and shipment process. The HACCP method recognize important management points for checking (the precention, extinction, the decrease to permissible label) contamination and monitors on each point to detect anomalies within the whole cycle. In each point, we are able to remedy the problem immediately.
( The above information are from the food circulation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries HP)

FSSC22000 Certification acquisition

  • ・06/10/2013…Kambara Factory[Canned Food and Retort Food production]
  • ・06/10/2013…Fujikawa Factory-Food Production Plant[Canned Food and Retort Foods production]
  • ・06/10/2013…Fujikawa Factory-Bottling Plant[Pet Bottle Drink and Canned Drink production]
  • ・06/10/2013…Fujikawa Factory-Liquid Food Production plant[Liquid Foods production]
  • ・26/12/2016…Fujikawa Factory-SD(Spray Dry) plant[Powder production]
What is FSSC22000 ?
FSSC22000 is short for “Food Safety System Certification”.: It is a standard food safety system in a food production organization. Established by the non-profit institution when the food retailing community took the lead with the world food article safe initiative (GFSI: Global Food Safety Initiative) in Feburary 2012 as one of the attestation scheme of food safety.
It is an attestation standard of food safety which combined with ISO22000 and the precondition program (ISO/TS22002-1) which is the foundations of food safety. This is enforced as regulation by law and the requirements over a manufacturer and a supplier.

Management Policy

Food Safty Policy

  • 1. We always provide safe and secure products and share the enjoy eating with our customers.And We realize a good company with a presence.
  • 2. We comply with laws regulating food safety and other requirements.
  • 3. We actively communicate to provide accurate information on food safety with customers, cooperating companies, regulatory authorities, etc.
  • 4. We continue to improve the food safety management system effectively.
  • 5. We unite with youthful to perform our mission and contribute to society for everyone’s happiness.

Quality Policy

  • 1. We think customers first and provide products that satisfy the requirements.
  • 2. We actively take on new needs.
  • 3. We continue to improve our technology capacity.

Research System

The deliberate selection, strict testing, and managing of raw materials is vital to the production of high quality foods that are true to HOTEI FOODS. Special projects are formed to tackle development of hit products of the future. Within this team, the needs of the customer, cost, individuality of the product, quality, production structure, and distribution are analyzed from various angles and unique research is conducted. Laboratories were built and are improved regularly to provide a better environment for better quality control and product research. HOTEI FOODS maintains its hardware and software to prove our worth to our customers and to continue producing tasty foods.
  • Development DivisionDevelopment Division
  • Microbiology DivisionMicrobiology Division
  • Analysis DivisionAnalysis Division





・平成16年9月 「日本食品科学工学会第51回大会」 ・平成17年8月 「日本食品科学工学会第52回大会」


  • アロエベラを摂取すると、糖尿病のラットで血中コレステロール値が減り、LDL(悪玉)コレステロールが減少します。
  • アロエベラを摂取すると、糖尿病のラットでコレステロールを多く含む餌を食べても血中コレステロール値が減り、LDL(悪玉)コレステロールが減少します。


  • アロエベラを摂取すると、健常なラットではブドウ糖投与後の血糖値上昇が抑制されます。
  • アロエベラを摂取すると、糖尿病のラットでもブドウ糖投与後の血糖値上昇が抑制されます。

HOTEI Group in Japan



1-43-1 Motohama-cho, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi-ken 988-0003, Japan TEL:0226-22-5300 FAX:0226-24-2184 Manufactured items:Shark fin, canned fishery products, and retort pouch foods


4428-4 Kitamatsuno, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-3301, Japan TEL:0545-85-3111 FAX:0545-85-2954 Busines details:Storage and transportation for products, dispatch, and special packaging for products.


4-26-6 Kambara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-3203, Japan TEL:054-385-3131 FAX:054-388-2081 Busines details:Insurance Agency